My Favourite Bits Episode 3

December 20, 2020
3 minutes read


Welcome all. It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Won’t be long before we are all opening presents from loved ones and filling our faces with food. Hopefully COVID won’t put a stop on being with our loved ones over the Christmas period.

📕 Sunday Story

I couldn’t move. It was like someone had poured cement into my body making movement impossible.

It was my fault. So I could only blame myself.

It started from a day of shopping. With Christmas around the corner we decided to get out early to avoid the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Our trip was to Costco. If you haven’t been before, Costco for me is one of the best places to go shopping. I describe it as Disneyland for Adults.

Yes, I know. This is ridiculous and may be. But I am completely hyped for Costco. You need to visit!

They have so many good things for sale. However, I must warn you, make sure you take your little pot of money as you always spend more then you intended.

The last couple of visits, due to COVID, there were massive queues but this time due to our early arrival we walked straight in.

We had a list of things to buy but you always seem to pile up more than you bargained for.

This visit was especially a big haul. So much so, if we did one of those haul videos that you see on YouTube, mate it would have gone insta-viral.

Part of our haul, we ending up buying lot of treats and was the start of the problem.

Like a kid in a candy store, when I got home I was opening everything for a taste.

The triple C threat.

Cheese. Crisps. Chocolate.

Add on top of that was our dinner, followed by more sweeties.

Allowing all of what i ate to stew, I legit turned into a gelatine mound. One that wasn’t getting off the sofa for at least a couple of hours. Food coma!

The lesson to be learnt!

You should not stop yourself from having a treat (on my occasion it was treat times 20) but live in balance and do what you can to tip the scales back in your favor.

But it’s Christmas, so fuck it!

👏 Self Promotion

This week I was making some modals. Not many lessons to be learnt from this mini-project except learning to use objects and using time away from coding to find solutions.

📝 Article

It has never been easy to start creating and making money off your work. Hard work and a good plan is the start, but the door is wide open to opportunity. This article is a good read about how 100 true fans could be all that it takes to start your creator life.

“Instead, this thinking provides a framework for the future of the Passion Economy: creators can segment their audiences and offer tailored products and services at varying price points.”

“New paid creator platforms are less about mere entertainment or delight, and more about providing a full solution for the user’s desired outcome, including curriculum, accountability, and community.”

🎧 Podcast

David Perell is a name that keeps appearing on my radar when cruising around the internet. He is quickly becoming one of my role models when it comes to writing. Check out this podcast where he talks Twitter, how deep he goes into his learning (using military grade launch monitors to measure his golf ball flight) and about how he writes.

“I would say tweet a lot. spend less time consuming Twitter than you think. And actually try to dm and meet the people who you end up creating relationships with.”

🎵 Song

Getaway by Saint Motel

Saint Motel - “Getaway” (Official Audio)

Saint Motel are one the bands that I have seen live the most. They have a talent for producing music that are instant hits. As soon as I heard the riff at the beginning of this song I knew it was going to be a banger.

📖 What I’m Reading

A Technique For Producing Ideas by James Webb Young

I was recommended this book as it is a short read to help create ideas. With myself entering into the world of creating content, I know it can be difficult to come up with ideas to write about. This book will help you out.

Knowledge must be digested and eventually emerge in the form of fresh, new combinations and relationships

In learning any art the important things to learn are, first, Principles, and second, Method. This is true of the art of producing ideas.

So with the art of producing ideas. What is most valuable to know is not where to look for a particular idea, but how to train the mind in the method by which all ideas are produced and how to grasp the principles which are at the source of all ideas.

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