February - Experiment 2 - Coding Projects

February 01, 2021
1 minutes read

It is time for experiment 2. Create a micro-project each day.

This year instead of setting new year resolutions for 2021, it was 12 experiments instead. One for each month. You can see what I have planned here.

This month it is microprojects that I will be working on.

I will being doing a project a day from this course on Udemy by Brad Traversy and Florin Pop is 50 projects for 50 days. It will help brush up my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript because I have not been coding as much as I would like.

Each day I will attempt to complete the project without looking at the solution. And only if I struggle will I use it for help.

This article will be where you can keep up to do with the project that I have completed.

Day 1 - Expanding Cards

Day 2 - Progress Bar

Day 3 - Rotating Nav

Day 4 - Search Widget

Day 5 - Loading Photo Blur

Day 6 - Scrolling Animation

Day 7 - Split Landing Page

Day 8 - Wave Animation Login Page

Day 9 - Sound Board

Day 10 - Dad Jokes

Day 11 - Key Codes

Day 12 - FAQ Toggle

Day 13 - Random Choice Picker

Day 14 - Nav Menu Animation

Day 15 - Animated Counters

Day 16 - Water Tracker

Day 17 - Image Slider

Day 18 - Working Clock

Day 19 - [MISSED]

Day 20 - Movie API

Day 21 - Drawing App

Day 22 - Ripple Button Animation

Day 23 - Placeholder Animation

Day 24 - Triangle Animation

Day 25 - Fixed Nav

Day 26 - Double Slider

Day 27 - Toast Notification

Day 28 - Heart On Click

##Things I learnt after 28 days - 1 in a row

  • Things look better when you put a transition it
  • You can do a lot by just putting a CSS class on something with JavaScript
  • If it isn’t simple, then you’ve made it complex

A big thank you goes out to Florin and Brad for putting this course together. There are loads of great things you can use and reuse for your sites.

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